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a meal denied

The photographs in the series A Meal Denied offer a unique portrait into the lives of individuals currently serving as Texas Death Row inmates.  In 2011, due to an extravagant meal request by an inmate, Senator John Whitmire sought to put an end to the last meal requests in Texas. Whitmire stated, "It is extremely inappropriate to give a person sentenced to death such a privilege."  However, I disagree with Whitmire; every inmate on Death Row should not be denied one of the only choices they will perhaps ever have during their stay in prison due to one particular inmates' meal request. In this body of work I engage in a correspondence with Texas Death Row inmates who share with me their last meal request and its significance. I then select those ingredients, prepare each meal, then a photograph is made which is sent to the respective inmate. By showing the commonality that we all share with food, I hope to humanize these inmates who most of society has forgotten.


All images are copyright 2024 by Sarah Kolac